女人体(1963)Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) is your “one stop” resource for an incredibly wide variety of Flight Simulation products and services. FDS has been a true innovator of affordable Flight Simulation Training Devices and Components. Talk to us about our Training Solutions, Corporate Display Devices, Engineering Mockups, Marketing Devices, Entertainment Trainers and a wide variety of large and small components.

Fixed Base Procedural Trainers


  • Exterior airliner nose and cockpit

    Flightdeck Solutions supplies Flight Simulator Training Devices designed to “accelerate” the training process for conversion or “new hire” pilots.

  • Cockpit interior
    Flight School

    Flight Schools recognize that advanced training, Familiarization, Introduction to Glass Cockpits has become a “Base” requirement. Flightdeck Solutions can deliver.

  • Interior trainer cockpit

    FDS is considered to be the “Go To” company for reliable, high fidelity Flight Simulators for the Entertainment Industry. Be it “Flight Experiences”, Movie Prop or Trade Show, FDS likely has exactly what you need.

  • Trainer dashboard detail

    Close to 20 years, FDS has been the innovator and leader in replica Flightdeck components, parts and sections. Talk to us about your project!

  • Exterior trainer cockpit

    Flightdeck Solutions has worked closely with companies like Boeing, BAE as well as Federal Agencies like the FAA to supply high fidelity development devices. FDS is uniquely positioned to deliver on a wide range of components and mock-ups

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OEM Supplier

Based on two decades of experience in developing and innovation, FDS finds itself a serious supplier to numerous major Aerospace/Simulation companies.

Our “Lean and Mean” manufacturing approach and truly creative design engineering means delivering the maximum return on your simulation dollar.

No Project is Too Big or Small. FDS is Proven and Ready.

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Built To Perform

We engineer and manufacture all of our devices to withstand the heavy use (and abuse) our products are subjected to. Every component we produce is designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up with tight tolerances and a high attention to detail to ensure your project meets the highest standard. Flightdeck Solutions is a manufacturer, not an integrator that buys parts from numerous other companies. Every device we ship was purpose designed. All parts fit and work together as you would only expect them to.

Flap controls

No requirement is
too large or too small

FDS can supply complete fixed base training devices (FBPTs), sections of devices, or individual mechanical elements to integrate into your project. Many of our customers aren’t looking for full trainers, but components – like thrust levers, side sticks and rudder pedals for their own simulation devices.

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