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 Welcome !As a member you will find lots of events and activities to support your hobby. Our members have a wide range of abilities and interests and are delighted to share their woodturning experiences and assist you in your endeavours. Everyone regardless of skill level is encouraged to check us out -   More info...      Contact us   
Welcome to the new world of online meetings!

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Tech Talk
 June 29
7:00PM - the Monday after each Monthly Club Meeting
    Bring your troubles  -  show off a new tool or innovation  -  share your knowledge.
Dessert Meetings
 Every Thursday
Thursdays - Meeting from the comfort of your home - 7:00PM for an hour!!!
    There is no agenda other than to just keep in touch with other members
Registration closes July 3
Eric Lofstrom - Square-Rim Bowl
 June 30

类似超碰Square-Rim Bowl with Eric Lofstrom

Details and sign-up

Phil Irons - Powdered Metal Inlay
 July 1

Powdered Metal Inlay with Phil Irons

Details and sign-up

Eric Lofstrom - Endgrain Bowls
 July 16th

Endgrain Bowls with Eric Lofstrom   

Details and sign-up

Laurent Niclot - Mini Teapots and/or Drops
 July 21 & August 4

Mini Teapots and/or Drops with Laurent Niclot

Details and sign-up

Club Meeting
 July 23
Thursday - Meeting from the comfort of your home - 6:30PM LOGIN!!!
    Steve Hansen teaches the scroll chuck eccentricity?
    President's Challenge - Lockdown jigs and shop improvements
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Invite yourself - everyone welcome

Art Liestman - The Lost Wood Process
 August 3

The Lost Wood Process with Art Liestman

Details and sign-up

Art Liestman - Therming
 August 10

Therming with Art Liestman

Details and sign-up



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